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You know those moments when you see an unknowing stranger on the street and think... "Wow is her hair real? Why cant my hair be long like that!? And so blonde..." Or you see that beautiful stranger apply her lip gloss in the ladies room, and it's that EXACT color you've been searching for... Your brain is so mesmerized by it you can barely screech out "What lipgloss is that!?" This blog is dedicated for those moments of "How can I get that look!? NOW"

I'm here to tell you EXACTLY what products I love. The best of the best. The only products I'd purchase myself. Tested by a licensed Journeyman Hairstylist. (Ever wondered the difference in 10 hair oils? Me too...) Makeup tested by a pro, on every skin type. For those days when you want to wear it for 12 hours and wonder, (Will it hold up...?) If you've wondered- I've done it. From blue hair, to balayage, & every shape of winged eyeliner known to humankind- I got you.

Here is my round up of favourite products...

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